The Minotaur is one of the monsters in Book Of Monsters. He is the first monster unlocked. When you start the game, the only monster available will be Minotaur.

Appearance Edit

Minotaur is a bipedal bull, with a nose ring and bright red eyes. The Minotaur is based off of the Greek Myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, where the Minotaur was said to be "Half-Man and Half-Bull." The Minotaur was imprisoned in a giant labyrinth, unable to find its way out. As a result of being partly animal, the Minotaur walks hunched-over. The button is located on its back.

Attacks Edit

The Minotaur has three attacks.

(Melee) Pound-Smash the ground with your huge fists, destroying anything that gets in your way”.

  • Minotaur will smash the ground with its fists and any humans caught in this attack with be dealt with one heart damage. This has a 1.4 second cool down and requires 11 stamina to use. The attack has a large area, but only hits on the ground.

(Ranged) Milk Toss- “Throw a carton of milk that explodes on impact”.

  • Minotaur will throw a carton of milk to where the mouse cursor is pointing at. When it hits something, the carton will make splashes of milk and any humans caught in the blast will be dealt with one heart damage. This has a 10 second cool down and requires 35 stamina to use.

(Area) Primal Roar-"Let out a huge roar, sending everything around you flying”.

  • Minotaur will let out a huge roar and any humans near the Minotaur will be pushed back, flying. This has a 16 second cool down and requires 30 stamina to use. This attack doesn’t do damage.
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