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When you are in the lobby with more than around 10 seconds left, you can spawn in as a Minion. You cannot quit being a Minion until the end of the round. Based on which side is winning, how many players, and how many current player Minions there are, you can either spawn in as a cow or a mailbox (Mailbox is a better version). Both monsters have the same moves: a short jump, and a controllable attack that makes you dash forward with a burst of speed. You will hurt humans or terrain only at the end of your attack, and that is triggered only by hitting an object or going a certain distance. It has a 10-second cooldown. Also, if you just walk into a player, you have a chance to latch on to them, with the text appearing "You bit player_name." At the end of the match, you will get 10 coins for every heart broken, and 1 coin for every 5 pieces of debris.

Trivia Edit

On the side of the mailbox is the number 404, a common error message for when information is not available.

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