Meltzer is a Monster in Book of Monsters. Like all monsters, you can buy this for 5000 coins or 400 dux. This monster requires level 18 to be able to be bought.

You can start a 45 minute trial if you are level 18.


Meltzer appears to be modeled after an ice cream cone. It has a body and limbs made out of an ice cream cone, along with a cherry on top of its head. Its head, shoulders, and hands are all made out of Ice cream.


(Melee) Stomp-Stomp the ground, and hurl a scoop of ice cream behind you”.

  • Meltzer stomps on the ground using its right foot, and an ice cream scoop will form from the ground in front of its foot. Any humans caught in the ice cream or near the foot will be dealt one heart of damage.
  • Meltzer will also hurl a scoop of ice cream behind it, and this makes a small explosion upon impact. If humans gets hit by it, they will be hurt for one point of health. This move has a 1.2 second cooldown and requires 17 stamina to use this attack.

(Ranged) Cannon-Shoot out an ice cream cone out of a cannon, sweet dreams!

  • Meltzer will raise its head, then shoot an ice cream cone to where the mouse cursor was pointing at using a cannon on its body. When the ice cream cone hits something, it will make a large explosion and any humans caught in the explosion will be dealt with one heart damage. This has a 10 second cooldown and requires 29 stamina to use this attack.

(Area) Ice Cream Slam-End the sale of ice cream by smashing a nearby ice cream truck, causing a huge explosion.”

  • Meltzer will summon an ice cream truck. Then, Meltzer will bend down and smash it, causing an explosion. Any humans caught close to the explosion with be dealt with one heart of damage. All humans near the explosion will be frozen and pushed back flying. The freeze has a larger range than the explosion. Any frozen humans cannot move or jump and will be immobilized. This move has a 26 second cool down and needs 44 stamina to use this attack

Pros Edit

  • The Cannon is quite accurate and has an incredible blast radius
  • The Ice Cream Slam truck can be hidden through blocks so sometimes people won't see it (if they are in a small enclosed space etc.)

Cons Edit

  • It can drain energy incredibly quickly due to the melee attack using 17 stamina

Trivia Edit

  • Meltzer was based off of a fan-made design created by Lemonfell.
  • As a result, most of Meltzer's skins were fan ideas, such as Ogre(Shrek) or Thanos .
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