A Llamabot with no costumes equipped.

Llamabot is one of the monsters available, and is unlocked when you purchase it. It doesn’t require a certain level to be unlocked. You can start a free trial of 45 minutes. This monster costs 5000 coins (1250 coins if you only have the Minotaur unlocked) or 400 dux (100 Dux if you only have the Minotaur unlocked).


Without any costumes on, Llamabot is a robot llama, as noted in the description of it. It consists of light and dark grey parts, and has red glowing eyes. Its button is on its back.


Like all monsters, Llamabot has a melee, ranged, and area attack. All three of them can do both terrain and human damage.

Melee: "Hammer your head with devastating force."

Llamabot swings its head down on the ground, damaging terrain and any human caught in the attack. You are still able to use the melee if your head is detached. This has a 0.8 second cooldown and requires 10 stamina to use.

Ranged: "Fire your head at enemies. It homes onto a target and explodes on impact."

Llamabot's head detaches and selects a target, usually a player. When it makes contact with something or reaches its target, it will explode with numbers around it, damaging terrain and any humans in range, making them lose one heart. If there are no humans nearby, then the Llamabot’s head will go to where the mouse cursor was pointing at. The color of the blast is the costume's eye color. This has a 22 second cooldown and requires 33 stamina to use.

Area: "Launch into the air, then crash into the ground."

Llamabot will get into position and assemble its body parts. It’s eyes will also change color in a rainbow order. Then it will fly into the air, flip, strike the ground with its mouth, then go back to its normal form. When Llamabot strikes the ground, it will make a shockwave around it and pushes some terrain away if they are in the area. The range will be indicated by a blue circle. Humans that are in range and don’t escape the circle in time will lose one heart. This has a 40 second cooldown and requires 38 stamina to use.


  • Llamabot is the first monster indicated not to be alive, the second being Knittens.
  • Interestingly, you can still use the melee attack and do damage if the ranged attack is active.
  • Even if it’s head is detached, the melee attack range is the same.
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