Info Edit

Dux are the premium currency in Book Of Monsters. They can be used as an alternative payment for everything (except the "Hamburger", "Hotdog", and "Pizza" Gadgets, and the Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Hot Potato Meteor Skins). You can get Dux from daily rewards, leveling up to multiples of 5, or from purchasing Dux with Robux.

Purchases Edit

Below are the various deals to purchase Dux. You can buy:

-80 Dux for 50 Robux

-200 Dux for 125 Robux

-900 Dux for 550 Robux

-1,500 Dux for 900 Robux

-2,500 Dux for 1,500 Robux

-3,750 Dux for 2,000 Robux

-7,500 Dux for 4,000 Robux

-17,500 Dux for 9,000 Robux

-Additionally, some exclusive deals like the starter pack or the VIP pass will give you bonus Dux.