Info Edit

Coins are the basic currency in Book Of Monsters. They can be used to buy costume boxes, monsters, Meteor Skins, and gadgets. They can be earned by completing games, as a daily reward, or picking up coins during the match or in the lobby.

How to Earn Edit

Mostly, coins are rewarded at the end of a round, and you get more for completing certain tasks. After each round, all players will respawn in the lobby, where a small amount of coins will fall.

As Human: Edit

  • 20 Coins are awarded for each monster's button you push.
  • 15 coins are awarded every time you push a monster's Glass Heart. (Interestingly, these coins are awarded in the round.)
  • Picking up coins found on the ground mid-match are each worth 5. It is unknown when these coins drop.Confirmation?

As Monster: Edit

  • Each human heart you break (you break people's hearts by attacking them) awards you with 10 coins.
  • Additionally, you get 1 coin for every 10 blocks of terrain you break.

As Both: Edit

  • Surviving until the end of the round as human or monster awards you with an extra 10 coins.
  • Winning the round gives you 25.
  • You can earn MVP in a round by pushing enough buttons or breaking enough hearts. This award gives you more coins the more players are on the server (Up to 85).