Casa Loco is one of the seven monsters available in Book of Monsters. It requires level 3 to be purchased and has a free trial of 45 minutes.

Appearance Edit

Casa Loco looks like a house with a face, having certain parts of it resemble a facial feature or body part. Its left window on the face of its body is an eye and the door acts as the mouth, which has a huge tongue coming out of it. Like all monsters, it has a button which is located on its back.

Attacks Edit

Like the rest of the monsters, Casa Loco has 3 attacks. One melee, one range, and one area attack. All of these attacks deal one heart of damage and terrain damage.

  • Melee Attack: “Taste a fear of your enemies, temporarily paralyzing them”. Casa Loco will lower down and lick the ground. Any humans getting licked from Casa Loco or getting crushed from Casa Loco with be dealt one heart damage. This has a 0.8 second cool down and requires 11 stamina to use this attack.
  • Range Attack: Launch a barrage of furniture from your chimney. This attack shoots five furniture like projectiles and aims wherever your mouse cursor is pointing at. Upon impact, the projectiles will disappear and make a small burst. Any humans getting hit from them will lose one heart of health. This has a 10 second cool down and requires 25 stamina to use this attack.
  • Ultimate Attack: “Summon a tornado that sends your enemies flying to Oz and back”. Casa Loco will start to summon a tornado and its button will fold in. This area will be indicated by a red circle. Humans that do not escape the circle in time are pulled in, lifted up, then spun around in the tornado, blowing away anything in the tornado away and dealing one heart of damage to each human in the end. If a human walks into the attack range (Indicated by the red circle), they will be pulled in as well, even during the attack. This has a 50 second cool down and requires 70 stamina to use this attack.

Trivia Edit

  • Casa Loco means Crazy House in Spanish.
  • This monster has the longest area cooldown and requires the most stamina to use out of all 7 monsters.
  • Sometimes, when 2 Casa Locos are summoning a tornado about at the same time, one of the red circles will be invisible.
  • It has gone on a rampage either to find its owner or to kill the owner.
    • It may have a close bond with it, based on its description.
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