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Book of Monsters is a game that has 2 teams, the humans and the monsters. There are currently 2 currencies. They are coins and dux. Coins are used for buying gadgets, monster costume boxes, monsters, and meteor skins. Dux are the same thing as coins except that the price for dux is less than the price of coins and there are some items that don’t cost dux.

The goal for the humans is to push all monsters’ buttons 3 times. Be careful getting caught in these monsters’ attacks!

However, if humans get caught in a monster attack 3 times, then they die and are out for the round. Sometimes, if humans get caught in a monster attack once and die with some hearts left, then they are sent back in the round. Note that resetting will not put you back in the game.

Humans can also use gadgets that sometimes help you or not. All gadgets have a cool down depending on what gadget.

If you are out of the round then you can either spectate, become a minion like a cow or a mailbox in the round, or become a meteor by jumping out of the lobby.

Meteors can destroy buildings and stun humans temporarily.

If you are a minion, then you can bite humans or break a person’s heart by using the attack button. The button has a 10 second cool down.

The goal for the monsters is to destroy humans by breaking their hearts 3 times or simply survive until the time runs out.

All monsters have 3 attacks: The melee attack, ranged attack, and area attack. All of the attacks have cool downs.

However, if humans push your button 3 times, then you are out.

There are also costumes for monsters and they have 4 different rarities. They are common, rare, legendary, and special. There are currently a total of 291 costumes.

There are 3 game passes in Book of Monsters.

They are VIP gamepass, 1.5x coins, and the starter pack. Look in the game pass descriptions for more details. There are also monster bundles and dux purchases in-game. Play Book of Monsters for more details.

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